rank1 [ ræŋk ] noun **
1. ) count or uncount someone's official position in the military, police force, fire department, etc.:
Her rank when she retired was captain.
rank of: He joined in 1998, and quickly rose to the rank of detective.
senior/junior rank: Let me speak to an officer of more senior rank.
a ) someone's position or job in an organization:
rank of: She had reached the rank of chief financial officer by the time she was 30.
b ) someone's status in society compared to the status of other people:
In the past, dress, speech, and table manners indicated your social rank.
people of high rank
2. ) count a line of people, especially soldiers:
They marched in ranks of five.
a ) a number of things arranged in a line:
rows of women seated at orderly ranks of computers
b ) BRITISH a place where taxis wait in a line for customers
3. ) ranks plural all the people within a group, organization, etc.:
This reversal of policy touched off a violent dispute within the party ranks.
join the ranks (of something): Another Republican senator joins the ranks of the presidential hopefuls.
swell the ranks (=make a group bigger): The organization is looking for young people to swell their ranks.
a ) the ranks all the members of a military organization who are not officers:
be reduced to the ranks (=have your officer rank taken away as a punishment): At the court-martial Captain Bomford was reduced to the ranks.
break ranks
1. ) to stop belonging to or supporting a group
2. ) if soldiers, police officers, etc. break ranks, they stop standing in lines
close ranks
if members of a group close ranks, they support each other against people who are trying to defeat, harm, or criticize them
pull rank (on someone)
to use your authority to achieve a goal by giving a direct order to someone who you would usually treat as a friend or as a person of equal status as you
rise through the ranks
to continue moving to more important or responsible positions in a company or organization
rank 2 [ ræŋk ] verb *
1. ) intransitive to be good, bad, important, unimportant, etc. compared with other similar things:
rank high/low etc.: We live in a society in which comfort ranks very high.
rank as: This must rank as one of the most violent fights ever seen on television.
rank among: Flying still ranks among the safest forms of travel.
2. ) transitive to put someone or something into a position according to their success, importance, size, etc.:
Nomura is now ranked third among the world's information services companies.
3. ) transitive AMERICAN to OUTRANK someone
4. ) transitive FORMAL to arrange objects neatly in lines
rank 3 [ ræŋk ] adjective
1. ) having a strong unpleasant smell or taste
2. ) complete: used for emphasizing how bad or obvious something is:
He is a rank amateur.
3. ) MAINLY LITERARY growing and spreading too much:
rank vegetation

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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